kite making
Kite Making

Bali is most suited for kite flying thanks to the island’s seasonal offshore breezes. On most windy days, kites of all shapes and sizes dot the sky. Try your hand at making one of these bamboo framed, hand painted kites.

Offering Making

Life in Bali is full of ritual , and coconut leaves have been used throughout the centuries in the daily needs of the Balinese. With a ‘teacher’ to demonstrate and assist you, learn how to make amazing coconut leaf creations used for offerings.

Village Cycling

Cycling along Ubud’s backroads, visit the traditional Payangan market where, guided by our Leisure Concierge, you can purchase spices and fresh fruit to try. Soak in the spectacular views of verdant rice terraces that abound in this region as you meander past Balinese temples and local family compounds.

nature jungle trekking
Nature Jungle Trekking

Enjoy three hours exploring the most impressive rice field views in Ubud. Visit a local Balinese family compound and revive with a refreshing coconut drink direct from the source while relaxing in a private bale overlooking verdant rice fields.

mountain hiking
Mountain Hiking

A signature experience for the true Active Spirit! prepare yourself to climb to the summit of Mount Batur, reaching the top in time to catch an unforgettable sunrise view amongst the clouds. Trek along the ridge of the crater to see the harvesting of mineralized water in the hot steam fissures of this active volcano.

wanderlust experience
Wanderlust Experiences

Embark on a journey into the heart of Bali , taking in magical views of the Tegalalang rice terraces, crafted spectacularly to follow the natural contours of the mountain, visiting the purifying holy water spring of Tirta Empul, discovering a hidden waterfall in the middle of the jungle and many more.

balinese cooking class
Balinese Cooking Class

Experience the entire journey from picking ingredients at the local market to cooking up some of Bali ’s most popular and exciting dishes. Our chef will be your guide providing details of the spices,flavours and techniques.